A dedicated Open Pit Lane day for the preparation and setup of racecars.

Test days are specific to either Tin Top Sedans or Open Wheeler Racecars. Some Test Days may be combined sedans/open wheeler days – in which case the day will be broken into sessions which allow for sedans and open wheelers to share the track independently – this ensures the Racecar Test Day is perfect for any racecar from Production Cars to Supercars to Formula Fords and everything in between.

2024 DATEs

  • 29th May 2024 – Tin Tops
  • 26th June 2024 – Tin Tops
  • 10th July 2024 – Tin Tops
  • 7th, 27th August 2024 – Tin Tops
  • 11th September 2024 – Tin Tops
  • 2nd, 15th, 30th October 2024 – Tin Tops
  • 27th November 2024 – Tin Tops



  • Entry fee is $770 per participant/vehicle, incl. garage or carport
  • Entry fee for additional Driver is $220


  • Open to Racecars, Tin Tops and Open Wheelers

Track Activity:

  • Gates open at 7:00am
  • Sign on and Garage allocation 7:00am to 9:00am
  • Track activity from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Event run from:

  • South (National) Paddock


Clothing & Helmet requirements:

  • Helmet that complies with current Australian Standards AS1698 (Motorcross helmets not accepted)
  • Clothing must cover wrist to neck to ankles and must be non-flammable cotton
  • Proper enclosed footwear – non flammable. No thongs or sandals.
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