Trackschool events are designed and run by seasoned motorsport professionals.

With the ‘WEEKDAY OPEN PIT LANE Track Day` or ‘WEEKEND TRACK DAYS‘ you get all the benefits of the standard track day event and more.

There is still the all important morning briefing and there is still emphasis placed on giving you the best chance of improving your driving skills in a non-competitive driving situation. But because we are keeping group numbers down, now there is more opportunity to use the track with no restriction on time.

This gives you a great chance to mix it up with other similarly experienced and motivated drivers and you still get great access to the best of motor sports professional driving instructors.

Please note: Our Open Pit Lane Days are only recommended for more experienced drivers. Novice drivers should sign up to our WEEKEND Track Days where drivers are separated into groups according to their experience.

2024 DATEs


  • June [5, 19, 22, 23]  
  • July [7, 8, 23 & 24]
  • August [8, 21, 24, 25]
  • September [7, 8, 9, 25]
  • October [9, 19, 20, 21] 
  • November [6, 19, 20]
  • December [1, 2, 11]


Please review the links below for further information

Weekday Open Pit Lane

Weekend Track Day


Weekday Open Pit Lane

Weekend Track Day


Free – Gates open from 7:00am

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