The Ken Leigh HQ 4 Hour traces its origins back to the inaugural HQ 3 Hour event at Calder Park in 1983. Al Basnight, the Racing Director of Calder Park and a fervent supporter of HQ racing, played a pivotal role in bringing this event to life.

Winton has hosted the event for over 25 years under AASA, the enduro being held over three days. First day is free practice and a BBQ. The second day is warm up, qualifying and Race 1. The third day is an open pit lane for warm up and the final Race 2.

This timeframe has proven optimal for managing fuel, tyres, and the endurance of both vehicles and drivers. Winton’s track, known for its ideal characteristics, further enhances the event’s status as a true endurance challenge, demanding the collective efforts of both drivers and crews.

2024 DATE

December 6-8


2024 results

Next event - december 6-8

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