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The 2023 racing season brought a wave of enthusiasm and competitive spirit across various rounds, showcasing remarkable moments and remarkable participants in each session.


Round 1: Twilight Opening
The inaugural event was a twilight spectacle, comprising five exhilarating sessions. Noteworthy returns were seen, with Bryan Gibson back in action after an absence, steering his MGB. Dough Dick made a triumphant comeback with his Datsun 1600, clinching victory in his class C1. Additionally, Ian Tavare made a return appearance in his legendary racer, continuing his legacy from the previous year.

Round 2: Power Unleashed
Round 2 witnessed five compelling sessions and one recovery. Richie Renato showcased the might of his Volvo C30 T5, though ultimately was narrowly edged out by Bruce Terrell in his Commodore R8 in the racing cars over 2L category. An interesting twist unfolded with a BAC Committee member, participating in his F3 Dallara and Radical, securing the top two spots in the open-wheeler class, despite being in a testing phase. The junior grid expanded with three new female drivers, marking a progressive shift in this traditionally male-dominated sport.

Round 3: Cold Challenges
Five sessions marked Round 3, without any recoveries. Cold weather posed a challenge for the open-wheelers, resulting in only two entries. Les and Matt Sears, a father-son duo, made a mark with their individual BMWs, clinching first places in their respective classes. Meanwhile, the juniors’ participation continued to grow steadily.

Round 4: Demonstrating Consistency
Similar to the preceding rounds, Round 4 featured five sessions. Notable performances included Keith Mere, a BAC member and volunteer, displaying consistent form in his MX-5 in class A1. Clinton Gazelle triumphed in A2, while Manson secured the first position in B1. The junior contenders showcased promising skills, demonstrating their potential.

Round 5: Final Thrills
The season’s final round welcomed Super Karts to the field, adding a new dimension to the event. Doug Dick showcased his endurance and commitment by participating in all five rounds, culminating in a well-deserved 1st place in B1. The open-wheelers boasted a growing grid, while Mily Miller’s impressive performance secured her 1st place in the juniors’ category, steering her 86 to victory.

Gratitude was extended to the consistent support from regular officials, especially Team Allsop—Steve, Jo, April, Daphne, and Sarah—for their unwavering assistance throughout the season. Richard Weston, the Clerk of Course, announced he will retire at the end of 2024, offering an opportunity for interested individuals to step into this role during from the beginning of 2024 and receive training from Richard himself. The sprints were highlighted as a great starting point for those eager to learn.

The season’s success wouldn’t have been possible without sponsorship from Pedder’s Bendigo, acknowledging Grant and Kat Phillips for their support throughout the 2023 season.

2024 season

For 2024, the series is named the Winton Sprint Series supported by AASA and Bowden’s Own

The Series, an affordable club-level entry into motorsport, has been running for over 30 years, comprises of several rounds throughout the year giving drivers the opportunity to test themselves against the clock, around the technical Winton Raceway circuit in a competitive environment.

What do I need to enter the Winton Sprint Series?
  • Registered or unregistered road or track car
  • Roll cages not required
  • Racesuit not essential, clothing must cover wrist to neck to ankles and must be non-flammable cotton
  • Helmet that complies with current Australian Standards AS1698 (Motorcross helmets not accepted)
  • AASA General Speed License – $150 annual fee
  • Entry Fee – $190 per event
What is the benefit of entering?
  • This is an opportunity to experience on track competition at an inexpensive entry level point to learn the skills of motorsracing that is one tenth the cost of entering a race meeting.
  • This gives competitiors experience in valuable track time benefiting people who wish to apply for a race license.

2024 Dates

  • Round 1 – 6th April
  • Round 2 – 1st June
  • Round 3 – 17th August
  • Round 4 – 9th November

Entries Now Open!

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