Six rounds for the 2024 Victorian Motor Racing Championship

After the initiation of Calder Park Raceway last August, the Victorian Motor Racing Championship have scheduled three meetings there in 2024.

The VMRC will begin at the reinvigorated facility on March 15-17 and will be the first of six rounds, an expansion of two over this year’s calendar. Winton Motor Raceway will host the second round on May 10-12 and the series will alternate with Calder (June 7-9), Winton (August 9-11), Calder (September 20-22) and Winton (November 1-3).

The fourth and sixth rounds will also feature the Winton 300 and the David Lowe Enduro for Excels respectively.

“In 2022 we revived this series to give the competitor groups another choice for a State Championship in Victoria,” said Benalla Auto Club Group Manager Stephen Whyte. “We were quick to lock in the dates after we raced at Calder this year.

“The series was a four-round championship then. We gave it a name and we had four categories to start with. By the end of the season, we had eight because people wanted somewhere to race. The championship has had unbelievable growth. This year it grew to five rounds and next year we will have six.

“We have a strong group of categories lined up, which is just amazing and a very positive sign for Winton, Calder, and our sanctioning body AASA”.

The 2024 VMRC will include the fan favourite Australian Super Truck Championship which will take in the Winton rounds only. There is a chance they may trial at Calder at some point. The big rigs debuted in Australia with their first race meeting at the Melbourne circuit in 1988.

The categories that will be at both circuits will be the Vic V8s, Victorian Hyundai Excel Championship for Trophy and Masters, Victorian Sports Car Series, Super TT, 2 Litre Sports Sedans together with APRA Pulsars, Australian Hyper Racer Championship, Stock Cars Australia, BMW E30s, HQ Holdens and Legend Cars, depending on their calendar.

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