Pedders “NO BULL” Winton Sprint Series amendment to supplementary regulations


Under paragraph 4. of 2019 Pedders No Bull Winton Sprints Series Supplementary Regulations the following should read:

  • All drivers will be required to wear a minimum of and non flammable neck to wrist to ankle clothing. Appropriate covered footwear. A helmet complying with the Australian Standard (e.g. AS 1698) and a seat belt or safety harness. Please refer to AASA Appendix 4 – Apparel Requirements.
  • The wearing of a HANS device, whilst not compulsory, is highly recommended.
  • No passengers will be allowed in any competing vehicle.
  • All vehicles must be fitted with at least two (2) independent fastening systems, of adequate strengthand limited extensibility, which simultaneously hold the bonnet or panels closed. Bodily unmodified production cars manufactured after 1 January, 1973, and other cars which are fitted with Front HingedBonnets may utilise the original, unmodified manufacturer’s component for closing the bonnet, without the use of a secondary restraint mechanism.
  • Drivers of all open cars must wear eye protection to AS 1609 – 1981.
  • All loose objects must be removed from the vehicle. A speed limit of 10Kph will apply in the pits,paddock and spectator areas at all times. Traffic Flow Plan’s are available from the Website and will behanded to each competitor at sign on
  • The consumption of alcohol by drivers or pit crews is forbidden until the completion of the meeting. Inappropriate behaviour or instances of any of the above may result in exclusion from the event and the Clerk of Course may take further action.

Janelle Dinne
Meeting Secretary
Winton Motor Raceway

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