Great day at the Repco Fun Day

For all those that came to Winton today they leave knowing why its called a Repco Fun Day.
With amazing weather.. a crazy amount of track time with little or no waiting, the whole Repco Ride to Reality day was almost perfect.
As one driver said “I’ve been coming here for years now and this was probably the best day I’ve ever had”
Amazingly, for a Fun Day there is a belief that a lap record was broken today in the limousine category. With a lap time of, well we lost count after four minutes, we now have a new bench mark for limos.
No doubt the rear passengers would have had time to have another cafe latte during the lap but it was great to see.
The lap record though won’t last forever, in fact, watch this space, as starting tomorrow there is a lot of renovations being done to our track, which will make it only get faster and better. Watch this space.
With thanks to Repco, the day was truly memorable.
So.. who wants to do another one in March??

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