Winton Track Days

The arrive and drive track day for any car, any speed. The monthly Winton Track Days are designed to be extremely open and inviting to all drivers of any experience level.

With free driver training available upon request you are able to seek professional guidance, or simply enjoy the freedom of lapping the track on your own.
The choice is yours!

Winton have stacked the deck to provide you with one of the best value experiences in all of Victoria with:

and so much more including a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to take it at their own pace and enjoy an excellent day out.

Win a drive in the
Hyper X1 Racer!

Winton Driveschool Track Days would like to offer you the chance to win a drive day in the Hyper X1 Racer, an open wheeler formula race car. Guided by Hypers lead driver and engineers, you will spend the day learning how to make the most of downforce grip and slick tyres to experience Winton Motor Raceway like never before.

The Hyper X1 Racer will lap Winton faster than a V8 Supercar and we would love to see a truly deserving driver given this opportunity. Every single person who has entered a Winton Driveschool Track Day will be in the running to win this amazing opportunity and we encourage you to make the most of our days to show us you are the perfect person for the job. The winner will be chosen on the final Driveschool event of the year (14/11/2022) from the most deserving drivers who have attended the Winton Driveschool Track Days and will be offered the Hyper X1 Racer to drive in the first Driveschool Track Day of 2022. To be in the running, simply enter any Winton Driveschool Track Day before 14/11/2022, where you can see the Hyper X1 Racers in action and learn more about the dream drive.

This could be you!

Event Details

All cars, both street and track only, are welcome at Winton Track Days. This means everything from a Holden Astra, a Lamborghini or a Formula 3 car. The only requirement is that the vehicle is roadworthy and in safe condition (Brakes, Tyres, no oil leaks, etc). Not to worry! Groups are split so that street and track day cars get their own sessions and are not on track at the same time as the open wheel race cars.

Competitors are encouraged to arrive between 7:30am – 8am for driver sign in, pit garage allocation and to receive your individual timing device. Drivers briefing begins at 8:30 with the first group on track immediately following at 9am. Groups will hit the track in 20 minute sessions, rotating non stop all day with only a single pause for lunch in order to ensure maximum possible track time.

This schedule will give the driver an average of 6-8 sessions in a day, totalling 2 – 2.6 hours of driving on track depending on the number of groups required. All cars are timed in every session with live data available, meaning family and friends can watch your lap times are you cross the line and drivers are able to benchmark their improvement throughout the day.

Up to 2 passenger sessions are available. Passengers are required to bring their own approved helmet. Motocross helmets not accepted.

For those looking to obtain their racing license, Observed License Test’s (OLT) can be undertaken at a Winton Driveschool Track Day.

The event is covered by a dedicated photographer to make sure you have something to remember the day by and take home to show friends and family or post online. Please contact Niko French Media for any special requests.

Important Requirements

Car Requirements
Unlike many other customer track days, a fire extinguisher is not required. However:

  • Vehicles must be roadworthy; Brakes and Tyres must not be worn out.
  • There must be zero leaks of any kind, oil, fluid or water.
  • Car must be empty; All personal items must be removed from the vehicle.
    • These can be stored inside your pit garage.
  • All headlights, tail lights and indicators must be properly working and visible when turned on.

Driver Requirements

  • Drivers and Passengers must be wearing full length pants and long sleeve top OR a race suit ensuring ankle to wrist is covered.
  • Helmets must be approved and must have a valid standards sticker. Motocross helmets are NOT accepted.
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn, exposed shoes such as Sandals or Flip Flops are not allowed.


  • An AASA or MA license is required for participation in this event. A single day AASA license ($35) or yearly club level license’s are available on the AASA Website.
  • License must be obtained BEFORE the day of the event. Be aware the license requires medical information which you may need time to locate.
  • Any participant wishing to sit on board as a passenger with another driver for training purposes must obtain a AASA Driver Trainers License, Yearly or Daily licenses available on the AASA Website.

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