COVID-19 Venue Safety Plan

Updated: 30/03/2021

Winton Motor Raceway has been closely monitoring the situation regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolving so quickly, we are taking proactive precautions to protect the Health and Safety of our workforce and our customers to reduce the possibility that our ability to supply is impacted.

From 6:00pm on the 26th of March 2021 Victoria lifted some further restrictions – with some revised conditions.

The measures that we have introduced across our facility are in line with the recommendations from the Federal and Victorian State Governments.

In addition to these measures, Winton has been proactively communicating daily good hygiene practices, use of PPE and sanitising equipment and physical separation requirements to all personnel.

There were also significant changes in the Premiers address on the 25th of October, 2020 that is related to outdoor sport.

This being that those involved as a driver or in a team is now “Limited to minimum number of people to play and facilitate the activity” This does not stipulate a number, rather than outlining that there must be a minimum number that are there to help that car compete.  For example, a driver and three mechanics would not be in breach of any legislation.

As of Monday the 7th of December 2020, the easing of restrictions for Winton Motor Raceway took taken another step. Winton Raceway listed as an “Outdoor non-seated entertainment venue” now can abide by a density quotient of 1 per 2sqm when using electronic record keeping.

As of the 6th of January 2021 Winton, began utilising the Victorian Governments QR scan code.  This is to be displayed at multiple areas around the venue, including the front office, kiosk and sign on areas.  Winton staff must maintain its usage to ensure that we abide by the new density provisions.

Following the Victorian Premier’s announcement on the 26th of March 2021, please note the latest updates below:

Venue Rules & Actions

New restrictions

In response to the evolving public health situation, the following restrictions are effective throughout Victoria from 6:00pm the 26th of March 2021:

    • The following principles have been developed to guide in the lifting of restrictions around recreation activity. Recreation activities can resume if:
        • All venues who have previously been required to apply a density quotient may apply the density quotient of 1 per 2sqm, except unstaffed gyms. The four square metre rule applies to gyms when they are unstaffed, such as 24 hour gyms.
        • All venues must use electronic record keeping through the electronic record keeping through the free Victorian Government QR Service or Victorian Government Application Programming Interface linked digital system (venues will have a 28-day compliance amnesty until 23 April 2021.)
        • Indoor and outdoor seated entertainment venues can fill up to 75 per cent of seating capacity, up to a maximum of 1000 people per space.
        •  Density quotient of 1 per 2sqm applies for indoor and outdoor spaces.
        • Large venues that host more than 500 people at one time must publish their COVIDSafe Plans online.
        • Where a venue is seeking to host an event exceeding the cap of 1000 persons per space, it must operate under the Public Events Framework.
        • To keep their staff and customers safe businesses need to follow cleaning, signage and record keeping requirements.
        • Entertainment venues, including Winton Raceway are now open with less restrictions, these include

      You must always carry a face mask with you when you leave home unless you  have a lawful reason not to.

      If you have symptoms of COVID-19 get tested and stay home. Stay at home if you feel unwell.

      Face masks are recommended where 1.5 metres physical distance can’t be maintained from those outside your household.

      Venues and facilities have specific requirements such as operating with a COVIDSafe Plan, density limits (maximum numbers of people allowed in a space), cleaning and record keeping for contact tracing. Entertainment and culture workers and businesses can access Industry Restart Guidelines on the  Arts and entertainment services sector guidance page.

      Outdoor seated venues are open with for up to 75 per cent of seating capacity, up to 1000 patrons per space. Density quotient of 1 per 2sqm applies to non-seated areas of the venue. Venues should ensure spaces are kept separate, with consideration given to managing the arrangement under the COVIDSafe Plan, which includes monitoring entry and exit areas.

Customer Restrictions

The Track entry/pit exit line is not to be crossed without the strict permission of the Clerk of Course.  The track entry line is defined on the exit of pitlane near the lighting operational lighting system.

This number excludes recovery or emergency staff who have exemption from these restrictions.

All other customers to the circuit must remain behind this line complying with the 1.5m social distancing rule on the pit lane side unless otherwise directed to do so.

These instructions will be relayed by loudspeaker, and with instructions given during the sign on period.


Outdoor non-contact sport: allowed for adults – Limited to minimum number of people to play and facilitate the activity (e.g. cricket may be played with two teams of eleven players and the necessary coaching personnel and umpires) – Non-contact means participants must be able to maintain distance of 1.5m.

Garages & Carports

Participants will be allocated a section and must remain in that section aside from using amenities or accessing the café.

Following these outlines, we can ensure that all guidelines and restrictions are compliant with social distancing of 1.5metres spacing per person, and 4sqm in any indoor facilities, such as a garage.

If a positive exposure, or similar symptoms are detected on site, immediate actions, including the contacting of medical professionals and exclusion off site will be followed upon direction given.

Garage doors, specifically T garages and the Southern Pits will, unless for security reasons, have their doors left open to ensure that there is less handling of garage doors and handles.  It is understood that this may not be able to happen at all times if vehicles are secured in their garages.  Handles should be regularly disinfected simply using a spray. 


Scheduled and documented cleaning of areas around the venue. Continual supply of cleaning and hygienic products.

Toilets should have their cleaning sheets updated regularly when cleaned.

Sanitising Stations

There are numerous hand sanitisation stations within the boundaries of Winton Motor Raceway.

All are clearly signed.

At the National Pit they are at the following locations.

  • Garages 2/3
  • Garages 8/9
  • Garages 11/12 and
  • Garages 17/18

For catering staff and customers there are also extra Sanitising Stations situated at

  • V8 Kiosk 

Staff Training and Education

Continual COVID -19 updates to staff.

Weekly meetings plus additional meetings when the environment changes.


Continual communication on a weekly basis with Police.

Continual monitoring of all VIC Gov legislation into outdoor gatherings.

Compliance officer for each day will be nominated prior to the event date.

Staff, and other persons who have possibly made contact will be directed to have precautionary tests as soon as practicable at a designated medical centre/hospital.

There is no reason why these high service levels will be not maintained.

This plan is to be reviewed on a weekly basis or if there are any major announcements made by the Victorian State Government.

For any further information look  at the Victorian State Govt webpage at

Should you require any additional information please contact Winton Raceway on 03 57607100