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Winton’s Back Baby!!!

It feels like forever but we have been given the all clear to get back into what we all love, cars on the track.
Its great news for all those that have been suffering at home watching too much Netflix.
Our track has never looked better, the facilities have never been cleaner, we are ready to go.
We do of course, have certain restrictions in place in Victoria, and we will be abiding by them to the letter.
We have all been so patient for so long, we want to be sure that we get this right so we don’t go backwards.
With restrictions in place, and with social distancing remaining imperative we can only take the first 60 cars on each of our days that we have coming.
There will be 10 cars on the track at a time, so plenty of track space available during your 15 minute sessions
Days we hear you ask?
Why have one when you can have two!!!
This Friday the 22nd and Sunday the 24th we will be hosting Test and Tunes.
Online booking only
Friday $220
Sunday $280
Be sure, you can’t just show up on the day, booking online is the only way that you can come through the gates, there will be no exceptions sorry.
You can bring yourself, and one other, certainly no more than that.
We have to remember that the COVID restrictions are not over so safeguards are in place here at the Circuit.
To make the most of this opportunity, and to lock in your spot get online NOW!
For these two days you MUST have a Motorsport Australia licence, you can get one here on the day for $25.
Remember, we can only take the first 60 entrants each day so don’t be the one that misses out.
Book online at Winton Raceway.com.au
Don’t just watch the action… Live it!!
The following principles have been developed to guide in the lifting of restrictions around recreation activity.
• Social Distancing (at least 1.5 metres apart)
• Strict limit of a minimum of 4sqm per person
• you are doing your activities in a public space; and
• you are not competing and
• you can do them with a maximum of 10 people.
• Winton staff to monitor social distancing
• Card only payments, no cash allowed
• Takeway only at the kiosk, no entry allowed
• No seating made available at the V8 Kiosk
• No spectators allowed
• Fox Street entry to be manned for those entering between 0730 – 1000. The gate will be then closed until 1630 with a contact number at the gate for any deliveries or work-related activity. All competitors/visitors to be required to be able to provide proof of their purpose of entry.
• Pre booking only to be allowed for events
• Fuel Shop has one customer at a time.
The Track entry/pit exit line is not to be crossed without the strict permission of the Clerk of Course. There is to be no more than 10 participants on the track side of this line.
All other customers to the circuit must remain behind this line complying with the 1.5m social distancing rule on the pit lane side unless otherwise directed to do so.
These instructions will be relayed by loudspeaker, and with instructions given during the sign on period.

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