WMR _ Winton Sprint Series Round 13

Winton Sprint Series Continues

This Saturday, the ‘Nation’s Action Track’ Winton Motor Raceway will host Round 2 of its Sprint Series. The Winton Sprint Series commenced on April 6th to great success with 48 cars in attendance.

It is a great club-level start into motor racing, giving drivers an opportunity to drive their own cars at pace, without the risk door-to-door contact. The Winton Sprint Series has been running for over 30 years, and sees drivers racing the clock against other competitors in similar vehicles.

Each driver competes in five four lap Sprints, to complete the technical 3.0km Winton Motor Raceway in the quickest time possible, watch some clips here. Before the event commences all cars are checked for eligibility in the class. If they don’t fit, cars will be re-classified and placed in the appropriate class at the discretion of the Clerk of Course. On track activity this Saturday will take place from 9am until 5pm.

There are many classes from road registered to racing cars, to open wheel and everything in between.

Class A1 is for road vehicles with an engine capacity equal to or less than 2 litres. Cages are not allowed in this class. R Spec Tyres are allowed, while slicks are not. A2 is the same as A1, however it is for cars with an engine capacity of over 2 litres.
B1 is for high performance vehicles with an engine of up 2 Litres. The engine must be forced induction and vehicles must be AWD. R Spec tyres are allowed while slick tyres are not. Any vehicle that has a cage but would be otherwise eligible for Class A1 will be put into this class. B2 is the same as B1 but for vehicles with a capacity of over 2 litres.
The C Class cars are racing machines. C1 is for any log booked vehicle, with an engine capacity equal to or less than 2 Litres, while C2 is for over 2l. C is also open to any vehicle that is running slick tyres, that is not eligible for Class D, or any vehicle that is deemed to be prepared to the level of a racing car.
D Class cars are for Open Wheel/Clubman race cars, or any motorcycle engine vehicles (e.g. Aussie Race Cars, Radicals etc). Tyres in this class are open.
Class E is simple, it’s for juniors, any driver under the age of 18.

The Sprint Series is held over four rounds this year, with Round 3 in mid-August and Round 4 in early November. More information: wintonraceway.com.au/winton-sprint-series

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