Winton Introduces Timed Track Days in 2017

//Winton Introduces Timed Track Days in 2017

Winton Introduces Timed Track Days in 2017

Want to test your car against the clock at the nation’s action track? Then you should come along to one of Winton’s new timed track days in 2017.

Winton Track Days will be held on the following dates:

  • Thursday 26 January (Australia Day)
  • Monday 12 June (Queens Birthday)
  • Tuesday 7 November (Melbourne Cup Day)

The format for these days will be similar to Winton’s existing Test and Tune days – i.e. competitors will be categorised into groups (based on lap times), with each group receiving five to six sessions throughout the day.

Each competitor will also receive a timing transponder which will record lap times – these are available to view on the TV inside the café and can also be viewed live and downloaded after the event on

All participating vehicles must be in race worthy or road worthy condition; cars will be scrutineered and must receive an “OK” sticker before going onto the circuit for the first time. Fire extinguishers and tow points are not mandatory, but they are both highly recommended. If you do not have a tow point then you are required to nominate where you wish the tow rope to be hooked onto your car if required.

All vehicles must have an effective muffler fitted to the exhaust system in a manner which will reduce the engine noise; the maximum permissible noise level is 95dBa.

Drivers and passengers must wear either a full racing suit or neck-to-wrist-to-ankle non-flammable cotton or wool; no nylon, along with enclosed footwear (no thongs or sandals). Helmets must be worn and comply with the current Australian Standard (1698).

The cost of Winton Track Days will be $220 per entry, entries will be available online very soon.

Passengers are permitted on Winton Track Days (they must sign an indemnity and receive an armband), the cost for passengers will be $20 per person.

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