Repco road to reality 2

Repco Road to Reality (Fun Day)

Over the years Winton has held many events.  Supercars, Superbikes, Supertrucks and so much more.

No doubt many of you have come and seen the action on the track and said to yourself “I reckon I could do that”

Well this Saturday the 25th you can.  Be here for our first Repco Road to Reality Day.  Formally known as Fun Days, this is what starts your journey into the world of motor racing.

These are the days when you can take a passenger out for some laps.

These are the days where you really feel like a bigger part of it all.

Be sure to get yourself your little piece of memorabilia and get yourself a shirt recognising your day.  For sale at the Cafe, and with limited numbers, be sure to make your day just that little bit more memorable.

Gates open at 7:30.

The Repco Road to Reality.  Your journey starts here

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