Coates Corner

Augusta National Golf Course has the 12th hole.
Spa has Eau Rouge.
Winton, now has its own postcard.
Coates Hire Corner
Turn four has now been completely transformed, and with the kerbing finished, we can now present the final product.
It’s significant, that when things are difficult for everyone at the moment, that there is a reputable company such as Coates Hire that puts their faith and trust into a facility such as Winton Motor Raceway.
Coates are a name synonymous with Motorsport in Australia and are long time supporters of the Supercars series.
With over 150 stores Australia wide and over one million pieces of equipment available, Coates have the range to deliver what product you need at a time when you need it.
Coates Earth-moving Product Specialist Jason Snoodyk stated “Coates Hire is extremely proud to be associated with the Winton Raceway name. We, as well as many others have seen the significant improvement that has been made and are extremely happy to be able to provide our quality products to help them with their big events. We look forward to continuing our association with them well into the future”
Winton Raceway General Manager Jeff Grech states “Having such a big commitment from such a well-known brand such as Coates Hire just confirms to us that we are pointing in the right direction. With Coates Corner now finished, we look forward to the day where we can show the fans and teams the positive changes we have, and will continue to make here at Winton Raceway”

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