work 2

At Winton, we listen

“Lower ripple strips. Way too harsh”
“Have to stay away from the ripple strips at turn 3, way too high for us to attack the corner”
“Im scared of turn 3, I went over the kerbing once and it made a mess of everything”

This was just some of the feedback we received over the past few months from the drivers about the track conditions.
It was the most mentioned issue.
Well you spoke, and we listened.

In 1989 everyone celebrated when the Berlin Wall finally came down.
Now 31 years later, Winton Raceway has had its own mass amount of concrete removed to make everyone who uses the track and watches the racing that much better.
Work has begun on making important improvements to the track, in particular the curbing to make the racing just that much better. This week we have started work at the exit of turn three, and the apex of turn four.
Work will be continuing throughout the week.

On Friday, for the Test and Tune, the track will be reopened.
If you want to one day tell your grandkids that you held the lap record at Winton for a short while, be here Friday…

This yet again provides further proof that things are ever improving here at Winton Raceway.
Why dont you take the time and come out and see for yourself?

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