2015 Winton Festival of Speed Results Summary


The annual historic Festival of Speed was held at Winton Motor Raceway on the weekend, and was again a great success, with a large crowd turning out to appreciate the 270 historic cars that were racing around the full, three kilometre national circuit.


Below is a summary of the results for the final race of each category.


Group S Rose City Tourist Trophy

1st: Michael Byrne – 1975 Lotus Seven S4

2nd: Joseph DiBartolo – 1974 Chevrolet Corvette

3rd: Damien Meyer – 1969 MG Midget


MG Racing

1st: Glen Wood – 1968 MGC

2nd: Damien Meyer – 1963 MG Midget

3rd: Richard Milligan – 1974 MGB V8


Group M & O Sports & Racing/Historic Formula Vee

1st: Keith Simpson – 1966 Brabham BT16

2nd: Will Walker – 1967 Elfin 300

3rd: Norman Falkiner – 1967 Elfin Mono


Group P, Q & R Sports & Racing

1st: Andrew Makin – 1973 March 73B

2nd: Jamie Larner – 1977 Ralt RT1

3rd: Jim Doig – 1972 Motorlab ASP


Group J, K, Lb & Invited

1st: Samantha Dymond – 1960 Lola Mk1

2nd: Dick O’Keefe – 1959 Photon Special

3rd: Fred Greeneklee – 1952 Cooper Mk6


Historic Formula Ford

1st: Tim Blanchard – 1988 Van Diemen RF88

2nd: David Hardman – 1989 Van Diemen RF89

3rd: Anthony Mann – 1986 Van Diemen RF86


HQ Holden

1st: David Tessari – 1971 HQ Holden

2nd: Andrew McLeod – 1972 HQ Holden

3rd: Jordan Symes – 1974 HQ Holden


Group N

1st: Jason Humble – Mazda RX2

2nd: Darryl Hansen – 1968 Ford Mustang

3rd: Darren Smith – 1971 Ford Falcon GT

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