Speed Off The Street / Regional Fun Day

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First time to the track?

Welcome, you’re about to participate in your first track day! We’re sure you will love your time at Winton Raceway so here is some important information to help you along your track day journey.

How to enter: We need you to register to attend a Winton Speed of the Streets Fun Day so head onlin via this website under drop down tab enter events online; pre-booking will save you money and time.

What to bring: We suggest bringing your car for starters, ankle to wrist to neck clothing, a helmet, your race licence and if you don’t have one a day licence is available from $35 via https://aasa.com.au/licences/day-licences/

Don’t stress if you cant work out the Licences you can do it on the day with the help of Winton Staff.

What to do when you arrive at track: We understand the first time arriving to a new place can be a little daunting so let’s make it nice and easy for you. On arrival you will drive through our main gate, turn right and head down the hill to the put area. You are welcome to park in any available carport. Once you are parked you can make your way over to our Sign-On shed.

If you get lost there will be plenty of friendly people to help you. Once you arrive at the Sign-On Shed our friendly staff will sign you on and advise you of the drivers briefing and the next steps to take. Its that simple!

Please remember no question is a silly question and our friendly staff will be happy to assist. If you still need to ask questions even after reading this, please feel free to contact our office on 03 5760 7100 or email info@wintonraceway.com.au

See you at the track!

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