Repco Road to Reality (Fun Days)

Come along and experience our Repco Road to RealityFun Day at Winton Raceway! Our Fun Days give you the chance to drive your own vehicle around the ‘Nation’s Action Track’ for a small fee of just $150 for the day per Driver and $50 per passenger. One of the highlights for the day is allowing drivers to take passengers out on the track, making it an awesome experience to share with your family and friends.

So come along to the next Fun Day and take advantage of this opportunity to share your passion of motorsport with other enthusiasts!

2020 Repco Road to Reality Fun Day Dates:

29th November 2020


Fun Day Rules

Gates will open at 7:30am with scrutineering commencing at 8:00am and a compulsory driver’s briefing held at 9:00am. The activities will then commence on the track immediately after the driver’s briefing.

Speed Restriction: all drivers will be limited to 80% of the potential of both the car and driver. This is not a race. There will be large differences between the speed of each vehicle so be careful. Anyone exceeding the 80% rule or overdriving will be flagged off the track and warned. A second offence will mean that it is home-time for you.

Scrutineering: all cars must have a safety check and receive an ‘OK’ sticker before going onto the circuit for the first time. Vehicles must be roadworthy or race worthy. Please remove spare wheels, Jacks and all loose items from before taking the car to have a safety check.

Clothing: must be non-flammable cotton or, preferably, wool – no nylon – covering wrist to neck to ankles. Proper enclosed footwear – non flammable. No thongs or sandals. All participants must wear a helmet which complies with current Australian Standards.

Sessions: activities will be conducted in sessions of 20 minutes Driver only, followed by 20 minute session for driver and passenger. Sessions maybe shorter than 20 minutes, depending on track problems with cars etc.

Noise: all vehicles must have an effective muffler fitted to the vehicles exhaust system in a manner which will reduce the engine noise. Maximum noise level permitted is 90dBA.

Carports are also available to hire before the event for a cost of $30. Contact the Winton Raceway office on (03) 5760 7100 to reserve a spot. Lockable garages are also available to hire for a cost of $50.