Camping Terms & Conditions

Winton Motor Raceway (“the Venue”) is operated by Winton Motor Raceway Pty Ltd (“the Operator”). The designated campground area (“the Campground”) will be determined and identified by the Operator.


  • Patrons must present appropriate identification, during major events a valid campground armband and event ticket, when applicable, to gain entry into the Campgrounds.
  • All other times where a major event is not on, a camping permit, available at reception needs to be displayed on  the front dash of the vehicle.
  • Campground gates in to the circuit from Fox Street will be locked between 6pm and 7am, the only access out will be via Wattle Creek Road.
  • All instructions and directions relating to any terms and conditions and/or campground rules, whether communicated by the Operator, security and/or police must be strictly adhered to at all times. This includes anything that has been considered unacceptable, unsafe or reduces the comfort or the event experience generally for other patrons.


  • To gain access to the campground for major events you must wear a campground armband at all times.
  • All other times a permit is required and is to be displayed on the front dashboard of the vehicle.  
  • Payment can either be made over the phone on (03) 57607100 or at reception during office hours.
  • Children under 15 years of age are free.
  • Allocated sites only are suitable for drive in camping.
  • Camp setups are to be minimal and contained within a 6m x 8m zone.
  • Maximum stay is five (5) nights.
  • No booking of extended stays seven (7) days prior to major events.
  • Campsites are restricted to a maximum of 8 people. Larger group booking can be arranged by contacting the office.
  • During major events campsite numbers are limited and allocated on a first in first served basis by the Operator.
  • Campers must depart prior to 10:00am on their final day.
  • Campsites cannot be booked for vehicle parking only purposes.
  • The sites do not have access to water or power and we recommend you make appropriate provisions if required.
  • Please ensure campsites are left in an acceptable state, free from rubbish and personal items when departing the campground.
  • Children must remain under the responsible supervision of an adult or guardian at all times.
  • Please ensure that all valuable items are secured; no responsibility will be taken for lost or damaged personal property.


  • Orderly conduct is expected at all times and it is the expectations of the Operator to avoid any conduct which would threaten the safety or enjoyment of other patrons or staff.
  • Authorised persons will enforce eviction from the venue for any disorderly conduct and other misbehaviour at their discretion.
  • Do not climb on any structure.
  • Do not enter race track grounds within the lock out period.
  • Damage to any property or the uprooting or damaging any trees or shrubs is not permitted.
  • The use of rope or bunting to create segregated areas other than that arranged by the Operator is not permitted.
  • Blocking of thoroughfares is strictly prohibited.
  • Beware of slippery ground conditions.
  • Beware of snakes
  • Report any hazards to the Operator Management.
  • Deposit all litter in the bags and receptacles provided.


  • Tents must not be erected prior to the Campground opening times.
  • No tents or marquees that require construction by external hire companies are permitted.


24hr access to toilets will be available. All amenities will be cleaned throughout event times and any emergency after hours hazards or cleaning issues can be reported to the site manager on 03 5760 7100.


  • Vehicles may be subject to a comprehensive search by the WMR Staff and Security for contra banned items including weapons, alcohol, illicit drugs, fireworks, unregistered vehicles and other articles referred to in the conditions of entry and campground rules.
  • All unregistered vehicles are strictly prohibited within the campgrounds. This includes mini bikes, monkey bikes, electric scooters etc.
  • Unregistered competition vehicles must be parked outside the camping area either in a booked garage/carport or carpark.
  • Working on vehicles in the camping area is not permitted at any time.
  • Winton Motor Raceway is classified as a public area and road rules apply. Anyone ignoring the road safety rules may face fines or prosecution.


First aid services are available, this is subject to change and subject to the requirements of the event at the time. Not all events require First Aid Officers to be present, however our onsite caretaker is on call and can be contact on 0447 756 810


In the case of an emergency evacuation stay calm and listen to instructions of WMR Management. All camping equipment and vehicles are to be left in the camping area until the area is deemed safe.


Vehicles engines are not permitted to be in operation between 10pm and 7am. 


Generators are permitted and an adult must be present at all times the generator is in use. Fuel for generators must be properly stored and not in tents or structures. Spare fuel that is being stored is restricted to 10L per site. Fuel can be purchased on site between 8am-4pm. Re-fuelling is only permitted whilst the generator is turned off. Excessively noisy generators are not permitted. 


To assist with keeping the campgrounds as clean as possible all rubbish must be placed in rubbish bags and sealed. Please leave all full rubbish bags in the bins provided for collection.


  • Patrons must comply with all Total Fire Ban days and declared Fire Danger Season.
  • BBQ’s are permitted for cooking provided they are within a contained structure and an adult must be present at all times
  • The use of gas bottles is permitted. (Must be free of rust, corrosion and dents and must display relevant stamp indicating the date last tested – within the last 10 years).
  • All Fires must be contained in a Fire Drum. Open Campfires and Log fires are strictly prohibited. Some Fire Drums are available on site.
  • Candles are not to be lit within tents and structures


  • Weather warnings will be posted on the Bureau of Meteorology website
  • If severe wind and/or rain is expected, please ensure that all loose materials are made secure.


  • Tents and other structures used solely for camping
  • Closed flame barbeques
  • Gas Bottles
  • Eskies


  • Any unregistered vehicle.
  • Any glass (excluding sunglasses, binoculars and prescription glasses).
  • Any fireworks or flares.
  • Any electronic devices which may interfere with communications or broadcasting signals.
  • Any animals or pets, other than guide dogs (to be approved prior to arrival)
  • Any advertising banner, sign, poster or any promotional material marked on a tent.
  • Any weapons.


  • By purchasing a campground ticket, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and any accompanying risk, obligations and responsibilities. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to read and inform yourself of these conditions of entry.
  • You agree to comply with all Conditions of Entry, including those specified on your Ticket/Accreditation or as otherwise specified at the Venue.
  • You agree to comply with all signs, instructions and directions issued by the Operator or a person authorised by the Operator (Authorised Person) and any such person may, at any time, inspect any vehicle, bag, basket or other receptacle or require you to turn out your pockets.
  • The following items must not be brought into the Venue under any circumstances: (i) illegal substances, fireworks, explosives or weapons of any nature; (ii) couches or lounge chairs; (iii) animals (excluding working guide dogs); (iv) platforms, structures or materials to be used to erect platforms or other viewing platforms; and (v) anything that the Operator and Operator reasonably considers will obstruct the view or jeopardise the safety, comfort or experience of other patrons. The Operator reserves the right to remove any such items in its discretion.
  • You agree not to do any of the following in or around the Venue: (i) post, stick or place or attempt to post, stick or place any poster, placard, bill, banner, print, paper or any advertising material on any building structure; (ii) misuse, deface, damage, remove from the Venue or tamper with or attempt to misuse, deface, damage, remove from the Venue or tamper with any building, seat, chair, toilet, sink, table structure, vehicle, craft, truck, pipe, tap or fitting, conduit, electrical equipment, wiring or sign or excavate or cause to be excavated any part of the area within the Venue; (iii) deposit litter, except in a receptacle provided for that purpose; (iv) throw or attempt to throw any stone, bottle, projectile or other object; (v) use indecent or obscene language or threatening or insulting words, or otherwise behave in a threatening, abusive, riotous, indecent or insulting manner; (vi) interfere with, obstruct or hinder the Operator, or any Authorised Person in the exercise of their powers, functions or duties; or (vii) conduct public surveys or opinion polls, solicit money, donations or subscriptions from members of the public.
  • You agree not to (i) wear or otherwise display commercial, political, religious or offensive signage or logos or engage in ambush marketing generally, or (ii) sell or distribute any goods or services or any other matter or thing, or (iii) collect money or orders from other patrons for goods or services without the prior written approval of the Operator or (iv) distribute political, religious, advertising or promotional material, in each case without the prior written consent of the Operator. Any items that breach this provision may be confiscated by the Operator at its reasonable discretion.
  • Whilst within the Venue you are responsible for your own property. The Operator will not be held responsible for any damage to, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property.
  • Any imagery or sound recordings taken must only be for private or domestic purposes, that is, you cannot sell, license, broadcast, publish or otherwise commercially exploit them. In particular, you may not make available any moving footage, sound recordings or series of still pictures taken on the internet.
  • Imagery of patrons at the venue may be recorded and reproduced in various commercial formats. By entering the Venue, you acknowledge that the Operator, and its related entities have exclusive ownership and control of all such recorded imagery and you relinquish any rights or entitlements to either ownership or compensation for the commercial use and reproduction of such imagery whatsoever by the Operator or its related entities.
  • By attending the venue, you acknowledge that any sporting activity can be dangerous and your entry into the Venue and use of services and facilities at the Venue is entirely at your risk. You also acknowledge that the actions of other patrons at the venue may cause harm to you or your property. You hereby agree to assume all such risks. To the extent permitted by law you release the Operator, its related entities and their directors, officers, employees, consultants, contractors, teams and drivers, agents and volunteers (Operator Group) from any liability for any damages, loss, liability or injury you may suffer or incur relating to or arising out of your attendance at the venue however caused, including without limitation due to any negligence or other act or omission of the Operator Group.
  • You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Operator, Operator Group and each of them for any damage, loss, liability or injury any of the Operator Group may suffer or incur (including by way of indemnity to third parties) as a result of your willful, reckless or negligent acts or omissions at or near the Venue or your non-compliance with the Conditions of Entry.
  • Without prejudice to any other rights the Operator may have, if you contravene any of the Conditions of Entry the Operator or an Authorized Person may: (i) refuse you entry to the Venue; (ii) eject you from the Venue; confiscate and/or cancel your Ticket without refund or recompense; take legal action against you in connection with such matters.
  • the Operator reserves the right to remove you from the Venue for breach of the Conditions of Entry or for any conduct it considers unsatisfactory, including for possession of a lost, stolen, counterfeit, damaged or unreadable ticket you have acquired from an unauthorized source, or if the Operator reasonably suspects you of improper involvement in any of the above activities.
  • If anything in these Conditions of Entry is unenforceable, illegal or void then it is severed, and the rest of the Conditions of Entry remain in force. These Conditions of Entry may be supplemented by additional conditions displayed at the Venue.